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"Dear Tammy, 

I want to start by saying that you are such an inspiration to me! You have given me the tools to aid me in my journey. Your positive outlook and gentle spirit have inspired me to look forward in my path. I had such a great time talking and I did my first protection meditation to protect my energy last night. I'm so appreciative for all the advice and guidance you have given me. I plan to use all of it. I'm looking forward to making another appointment with you for the bowls. I absolutely loved it! I actually slept better last night!! Secondly, I know there are no such things as coincidences, and I know I was destined to meet you. It felt good to be able to express my self freely and discuss our spiritual journey together. You made me feel comfortable and you don't know how much that means to me. You are such a blessing and a beacon of light. . . . Until then, let's keep manifesting some great things!!"

Kelly C. 10/12/19


"Thursday evening I went to the Violet Flame Healing Center and it was an amazing experience. Tammy Battista was the facilitator for the evening as she made beautiful sounds with crystal Bowls as the group meditated. The sounds brought me to an amazing place of healing and awakening. Loved that I found a place filled with like-minded souls in St Clair Shores. Thank you to all that were there and shared their insights. It a beautiful place to to heal your soul filled with peace, love, and joy."

Mel  9/12/19


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I"'m so looking forward to going to this Breathwork workshop tonight!  My daughter, Sydney, and I went to the Crystal Bowl Meditation Class Last Night, it was AMAZING!  Thank you Tammy Battista!  Please Check them out!!!  You'll love it!"

Kim C 10/22/19

I"'ve gone through a lot o trauma and therapy suggested meditation.  It is hard to do with an anxiety driven mind.  I love music, so I take Tammy's bowl meditations.  Let me tell you what a life changer this has been for me.  I can't wait for Mondays with Tammy.  She's a natural born healer."

Amy Jo 10/17/19

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