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Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Meditation

Meditate or even sleep through this healing "cellular massage" session

  • Duration Varies
  • Price varies
  • CenterPeace Troy|Olympia Salon & Spa

Service Description

Sound Healing is a form of Vibrational Medicine and is based on the scientific principles that all matter, and most importantly, the cells in your body, vibrate to a precise frequency when healthy and to a dissonant frequency when in vibrational healing dis-ease. Resonant vibration, rhythms and tones can balance brain hemispheres, stress levels, and even tension in body tissues and cells that have fallen into dis-ease or dis-harmony. The use of tuned, deep-vibration instruments such as crystal bowls during healing and meditation can balance these dissonant frequencies and bring them back into harmony. Music and chanting have been used for thousands of years to heal and energize the body, mind and emotions. A sense of well-being and an increase in energy and pain relief are often the result of crystal bowl sessions. Deep levels of healing and transformation are also commonly reported after sound healing sessions. I use 432hz tuned crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drum, chimes and other instruments. I offer these services at other studios and in private homes & businesses. Call for pricing and details. (586)322-2897

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Contact Details

  • 2609 Crooks Road, Troy, MI, USA

  • Olympia Salon & Spa, Cass Avenue, Mount Clemens, MI, USA

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