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How to Help a Democrat (or Republican) See the Light

     I was in my car driving home yesterday afternoon when a call came through.  The caller ID  displayed  “Columbia Station, Ohio.”  Norm, my late husband’s relatives live there.  Uncle Chuck, Aunt Jean, their daughters--Deneen and Tanya and their beautiful families all live on the same road in Columbia Station.  We used to take the three hour drive to visit them.   They would treat us like royalty.  Talk about southern hospitality!  A wonderful dinner.  Aunt Jean would sneak me away to the Walmart.  (It was such a treat back then as we didn’t have them in Michigan.)  They’d always insist on ‘Normie’ and me spending the night which included a huge delicious breakfast.   


     Uncle Chuck and Aunt Jean were huge republican supporters.  Norm and I were not.  Uncle Chuck could not resist bringing up the topic at every visit, though.  “You still a dem-o-crat? When are you gonna see the light,”  Uncle Chuck would slowly grin in his thick Kentucky accent.  He’d shake his head knowing he probably wasn’t going to ever convert these two union members from Detroit.  He’d try anyways.  Norm and I would smile and laugh at his confidence.

     One of them must have seen the letter I posted on a few facebook pages.  I didn’t post it on my own page.  I wasn’t ready to deal with that shock and awe situation.  I know some of my family and friends will think I’ve truly lost my mind.  That time will come soon enough, just not this week. When I saw that call coming through from Chuck and Jean’s town, I knew it was going to be a really interesting conversation.  Yes, it sure was interesting!

     “Hello,” I answered snickering.  

     It wasn’t Chuck. I heard a woman’s voice. It was an older woman’s voice.

     “Aunt Jean?”

     “Hello, honey.  I just had to call you.  Are you the one that wrote that letter?”

     “Is this Jean?” she sure sounded like Aunt Jean.  She had the same southern accent.

     “No, honey.  My name is Dallie and I just had to call you and thank you for writing that beautiful letter to our pres-i-dant.  I had to tell you how wonderful it was.  My friend shared it to me and I couldn’t find the like button.  I just thought and thought.  I need to tell this fine lady what a wonderful thing she did.  Our pres-i-dant needs more support.  He really is a good man.  He can sound a little off and mean sometimes but people really need to see how much he loves our country.  I hope you don’t mind that I called you.  I saw your number on your website.”

     How ironic!  I would not have answered the phone if it had not been from any other town in America.  It most likely would have been a recorded message with someone telling me that my car warranty was about to expire or that my cable bill was overdue.    

     “I’m so terribly sorry for your loss, honey.”

     “Thank you, so much.  Norm was a great man.  But he was a lot like Trump.  He was a big loud man.  He didn’t have the best manners and would say inappropriate things at times.  But he loved his friends and family.  And you know, he has family there in Columbia Station!  That’s why I answered your call.  I thought you might be one of them.”

      Miss Dallie told me she lived just outside Columbia Station in a small town.  I told her that Norm’s favorite uncle and aunt lived there. 

     “Do you happen to know Jean or Chuck Y___?”

     “Jean Y___????  Why she’s my BEST FRIEND!!!  Jean and I, we talk almost everyday.  I was goin to call her before I called you.  I wanted her to read this letter.  We go to the _____ Baptist Church together--well at least before the quarantine.  Then we like to go to Walmarts.  Isn’t that something!  We even grew up in the same town in Kentucky but we didn’t know each other til we moved here.”

     What Are the Chances!  Just before her call, my son had texted that almost 80,000 people had viewed my letter.  The one person who called me happened to know Norm’s family.  Norm used to spend summers there.  I’m sure he probably met Miss Dallie at some point.  

     We talked for almost 20 minutes, both of us just amazed at the small world.  She was the sweetest lady and told me how she had prayed every day for our president.  She expressed some concern that that Nancy lady was starting some more problems.  We ended our conversation knowing we were both going to continue to pray for our country and president Trump. We both agreed that in the end, God always wins.

     Yes, God always wins.  And miracles happen when we pray.  Especially when we pray for each other. 

     Even though I stopped going to church after Norm died, I’ve prayed more in these last three years than I have my first 54 years combined.  Grief is so tough.  I knew I was not going to get through it without divine help.  I was a mess.  I had a hard time working.  I couldn’t sleep.  But I had to be a functioning adult for my kids.  They needed a home to live in while they finished school.  

     So I’d pray while doing the ugly cry.  I prayed in the car all the way to work to not cry at work.  I prayed to want to live.  I prayed to heal. I prayed for my four kids whose mess of a mom was neglecting them.  And my prayers were answered.  Miracles were a weekly and sometimes daily occurrence around here.  Some people call them synchronicities.  There were many.

     So how do you help a democrat or republican see the light?  You pray.  Do you think the country is going in the wrong direction?  Then pray.  Do you think the other side is ignorant and uninformed?  Then pray.  Jesus didn’t go around calling non-believers libtards and snowflakes.  Yes, he got angry sometimes but in the end he prayed and loved them anyway. 

     Because Miss Dallie prayed, she was open to spirit to have the “nudge” to call me and gift me with another miracle.  Because millions of people pray for our country, I was shown a TV screen blip that spun me and others around.  Because President Trump and his team pray every morning, the Plan to free our country from the dark agenda of a few twisted groups is all unfolding.  Because we pray, the vibration of the planet--the Schumann Resonance--has been raised higher than it’s ever been (that’s a really good thing). 

     Many of us know amazing things are coming.  I often feel like a five year-old on Christmas Eve these days.  There are cures, inventions, and abundance headed our way.  If you don’t believe this, that’s OK--just pray.  

     When you pray, you vibrate higher.  When you vibrate higher you exude light--the light of God, source energy.  It’s in you and around you.  When you are vibing high, your light energy is affecting your family, your town, the planet and the entire Walmart store.  

     That is how you will help a democrat or republican see the light.

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I’m sorry that you lost your husband. It is clear from your writing that you had a special, uncommon bond, and that you are thankful that you had it.

I stumbled across your apology to Donald Trump online and was intrigued by your epiphany. Not because there is any chance I will support him or any doubt in my mind that he is the most ineffective, ill-prepared person to ever hold the office of U.S. President, and that he presents a great danger to everything this country stands for. But because I believe he is likely to win again. He is so good at the con – he may be the best ever – and the electoral college tilts…


Your writing is touching me so deeply, I am crying as I read your letter to the president, and as I am reading this. I was also just like you in my non-informed opinions and also like you, I completely changed my mind about the president to my great surprise and to the immense disapproval of my friends. Funnily enough, it also looks like we are interested in the same things around therapy and meditation. I was feeling so down and misunderstood this morning until I read you. Thank you so much.

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