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It was the first quest to allow people to receive the completion reward without having all the pre-requisite quests completed. Contents Background A year has passed since the tragic death of the Aldebaran Smith and his daughter, Alandra. What happened to him has become a mystery and the only lead they have is the jewellery that the Smith family kept, and it was stolen by a creature called Miss Seneschal. Quest As usual, you'll need to first accept the quest, which can be done from the Kourendian NPC The Honourable Dallis Smith. It may appear at the top of the list. If not, it should be next to the invitation to the lute contest that's due to take place in Al Kharid. You can also pick up the quest from the Honourable Dallis Smith at the Smithy, in the middle of town, during the day. After completing these quests, you will receive an invitation to a lute contest in Al Kharid. This can be seen on the right side of the map. To get to Al Kharid, take the road west out of Kourend, and after a few minutes, you will see a sign pointing towards the Kharidian vale. Mission Al Kharid lute contest: Hire a group of your friends and find Seneschal. He and his group will be in the area on the other side of the river. First, build a raft and cross the river. He will be in a clearing on the other side. Make sure you've given them the appropriate pay in gold before the job begins. Seneschal will have several guards. You may need to do this a few times before he finally leaves. Once he has gone, find Miss Seneschal, who is in a cage near the river. She will ask you to open the cage and release her. She will then reward you with the gold and clippings, and also give you one of her hidden lutes. If you are under level 20, she will still be wearing her disguise as a scout (the one from Highlord Josan). Notes The date has changed to June 7th in the final patch of 3.0.5. This quest was split into two smaller ones - the first one is required for the quest to accept, and the second one is optional. The first quest is required for



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QueenOfThievesfullcrack gavodi

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